An Historical Perspective by Alwyn Scott Turner
                                               MASS RALLY: 9.11.13


                                                    FREE AMERICA!

    Millions of American Patriots March on Washington, DC. Against the ‘Patriot Act’.

     This historic event is a defining moment for The American People.
     The time and momentum for unifying the national consciousness has arrived - the opportunity for American Patriots to assemble in massive numbers and confront authorities commanded by the Zionist Police State Regime that now occupies and rules Washington, DC.  Time to throw off the Israeli yoke that strangles the freedom of consciousness and threatens to destroy the world.

     A State of War exists between Israel and the USA.

     We all know that Israel did the sneak attack on 911 - an Act of War Against the United States - perpetrated with the treasonous complicity and betrayal by American Jews and their quisling stooges - AIPAC appointed traitors that subverted the federal government, the communication media, the national institutions - Israeli agents that passed the phony Patriot Act in blatant violation of the US Constitution.

     The vibrant voices of millions of American Patriots to “Free America” must be heard as one voice.  A message loud and clear, that confirms that it will either be a peaceful revolution and restoration of American freedom and prosperity, or if reason fails - then it will be by force of numbers and the power in the idea of human rights.
The Patriotic Mass Rally across America will give rise to true American leaders to emerge and lead a national unification and a freedom of consciousness that will restore liberty and democracy to the world - and remove the tyranny of Israel from the world.

     Israel will hold America in a death grip only as long as American Jews are accomplices to the Talmudic Jewish Conspiracy that acts by deceit and treachery to destroy our nation.  Now is the time that American Jews save themselves from the holocaust that threatens their survival - for it is not the American People they should fear - but rather, their allegiance to the pathological Talmudic Regime whose catastrophic conspiracy and insane moves will mean the ruin of every Jew in the world.  It is now time for all Jews to wake up before its too late..use their own intelligence to sense what is really happening, and join in the freedom parade - and gain amnesty.  No matter what crimes against nature has been committed against humanity - those who have been blackmailed and extorted into compliance with The Jewish Conspiracy - come forth now and let us do this reconstruction of America together.

     If American Jews do not move toward reconciliation to avoid The Patriotic War from erupting on the streets of America, then it will be the Jews that remained silent - those who did not join the revolution - that will lose everything in the eventual overthrow of the Zionist Occupation Regime that now commands their lives.
And it is patriotic black Americans who have suffered the most under the Jewish Police State Regime that will be an integral part of the civil rights coalition to restore the US Constitution.
     America is a nation of all races.  It is the solidarity of Patriots that will win the revolution.   The only thing we have to fear itself.

     As President JFK said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather...overcoming fear.”


There will be  a National Rally by the American People in Washington, DC over 9.11.13 Day weekend,  - and at all State Capitols - at the Governor’s Office, and all Police Headquarters and ‘Fusion Centers’ across the United States - in a Non-Violent Demonstration in support of the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment - in support of Liberty and Freedom in America.

Dedicated to protecting the U.S. Constitution - especially Veterans, law enforcement officers, civil authorities and public officials that swore their allegiance to protect the Constitution from both domestic and foreign enemies.  The call to assemble at every State Capital in a display of National Unity.  And an opportunity for all those in command of authority to join in National Unity.  The Liberty Movement in America has no single leadership...but is guided by a common understanding - that now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, and be willing to fight for Freedom of Speech and the Bill of Rights - and the Right to Bear Arms against a Federal Government subverted by foreign agents and betrayed by domestic traitors engaged in Terrorism and Acts of War against The American People.

A State of War exists inside the United States against the American People by an enemy combatant disguised as American, but in fact, a criminal regime engaged in conspiracy and genocide. Therefore, any act by civil authorities that violate the Constitution - is an Act of Treason; any Conspiracy to suppress the truth, Censor freedom of speech or skew the news in the Zionist Media - is an Act of Treason.  False Flag and BlackOps by the enemy within are War Crimes against humanity, that will spark gorilla warfare against those guilty of betrayal to the American people.
This is the defining moment when all Americans in positions of authority are called forth to stand by their pledge to protect the Constitution, and those that violate that trust and fail in their duty, are complicit to Treason as enemy combatants in a State of War against the United States.

The call to all law enforcement and military officers to Keep Their Oaths to the US Constitution at the  Mass Rally at all State Capitals across the United States on July 4th, 2013 on Independence Day in support of the US Constitution - is not a call for violent rebellion - but rather, an opportunity for calm and determined solidarity between all Americans sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies domestic and foreign -  that have overthrown the political, economic and cultural institutions, and infiltrated all major institutions, and subverted all the Media.  The Idea and the Time has arrived...when every citizen and official must confirm their loyalty to the United States in order to serve their oath in office - and secure the respect and trust of the American People. We all must be rational and firm in our effort to restore democracy by reasonable means...let us engage the enemy with the fierceness of our convictions for truth and and demonstrate the true noble character that unifies Americans in our victory over the savage dark forces that would destroy us - let us be fair and give amnesty and quarter to the enemy - in solidarity and redemption we can avoid terrible acts of inhumanity.

 This is the defining moment for all Americans...especially for American Jews - there are those among the enemy that have been coerced or brainwashed into complicity in the War of Conspiracy by Israeli Zionists that has installed a Terrorist Regime and a mercenary Military Police State to rule the United States by dictatorship.  Before the violent confrontation by the occupational Zionist Regime of Terror - that will incite the rebellion - anyone and everyone that declares and acts as loyal citizens united in the common effort to revitalize the United States...can acquire Amnesty.
Amnesty for everyone that assists in restoring the Constitution by contribution to the National Unity, the Restoration of Democracy, and the Reconstruction of American prosperity.
Now is the defining moment...for courage to declare national loyalty to America...and affirm your oath of  allegiance to the US Constitution and demonstrate these national rights as a true citizen of the United States - and demonstrate that you are on the right side and a loyal member of The American People.
Historical Documentary Reports & Articles from The American People Archive by Alwyn Scott Turner

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